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When Your Front Load Washer Isn’t Starting

16 Aug
When Your Front Load Washer Isn't Starting

By: D&J Appliance Repair

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Everybody needs to have their clothes washed, and if a front load washer isn’t starting, it can make your life less comfortable.

Having your washer breakdown can be a significant hindrance to your routine, and before calling a washing machine repair expert, check to see if you can troubleshoot the problem yourself.

Check the Power Outlets if your washer Isn’t Starting

If your front load washer has suddenly stopped working, the reason could be that there’s a problem with the power source. Check if the plug is still plugged in and the socket isn’t showing signs of damage. Also, there may be a chance that due to a sudden surge in electricity, your breaker has flipped. Check the breaker box and make sure all the breakers are flipped in the same direction.

Malfunctioning Start Switch and Timer

If the electrical supply to your washer looks fine, and you’re facing a problem starting the washer, the problem may be due to a broken start switch/button. In most washers, the start function and timer are combined.

You can usually see on the digital screen that your start button is malfunctioning. It will either light up but refuse to work or not light up at all. Consult a washer repair service if your washing machine still doesn’t work

Problems with the Door Latch

Many times, the washer won’t begin to work when it thinks the door is open. When you’ve put your dirty clothes in the washer, and it refuses to start a cycle, it can be quite a headache.

If your door latch isn’t clicking shut when you’ve tried to close it, there may be a problem with your latch, which is preventing your washer from running as well.

Check the Washer Settings

Depending on the settings you’ve chosen for your washer, you may have inadvertently signaled it to start at a later time. Many washers come with the feature of delaying washing times, which can happen if you’re selecting the wrong settings.

You may also see an error code on your washer, and depending on what company has manufactured it, you can refer to the User Manual Guide to decode the issue. When all options have been exhausted, give your washing machine repair technician a call.

Having Problems with your Washer Isn’t Starting? Give a Call to D&J Appliance Repair Experts

If you’ve tried to check every possible problem with your washing machine but haven’t gotten it to start, there may be a more serious problem that requires an inspection from an expert.

Technicians at D&J Appliance Repair are your go-to source whenever you’re facing a broken front load washer and don’t know what to do. Their expertise and knowledge will have your washer running in no time at all! Call 954-709-7400 to schedule an appointment to get your washer back in working condition again or fill out the contact form.


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