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01 Feb
Emergency Appliance Repair Technician

Home appliances are a great convenience and make lives easier for South Florida residents, but unfortunately, they don’t last forever. An emergency appliance repair technician will know the warning signs of when an appliance needs to be repair can help you stay on top of maintenance and save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

1) Unusual Noises

Some appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines will make noise when running. But if you start noticing any strange or loud noises from your appliances that weren’t there before, it could be a sign of an issue.

Some reasons for a noisy appliance could be:

a) Malfunctioning motor: If you hear clicking, humming, or buzzing noises from your appliance’s motor, it could mean something is wrong.
b) Loose components: If you hear rattling noises inside the appliance, it could signify loose screws or nuts that need to be tightened up.

2) Temperature Issues

If your appliance can no longer maintain the ideal temperature or seems to be running hotter than usual, it could signal that it needs immediate repair. For example, a refrigerator must stay below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and a stove should reach the correct temperature when turned on. If your appliance is not performing as it should, you can try some troubleshooting to diagnose the temperature issue. However, if this does not fix it or you don’t have time for DIY repairs, call in an appliance repair technician who can assess the problem and provide a lasting solution.

3) Leaking Water

If your washing machine, dishwasher, or refrigerator leaks water, you should call a professional repair technician to fix the issue. Leaking water can cause severe damage to your home and is a sign that something inside the appliance is broken.

Some reasons for a leaking appliance could be a faulty hose connection, broken seals, clogged drainage pipes, or worn-out gaskets. Whatever the cause, it can only be found and fixed by an experienced technician – so don’t try to fix it yourself!

4) The Appliance Is Not Performing Properly

If your appliance is not functioning normally, it may need to be repaired or replaced. This could include anything from strange noises like grinding or vibrations from the motor to an inability to heat adequately or excellent food. In some cases, the appliance may even stop working altogether, which is a sure sign that you should call in an appliance repair specialist.

5) Electrical Issues

If you notice any electrical issues with your appliance, this could be a sign that something is wrong. This can include anything from sparking or buzzing noises from the unit to flickering lights when it is turned on. If you are experiencing any of these problems, it’s best to turn off the appliance and contact a repair service to assess the situation.

Additionally, you should always unplug your appliance if any electrical issues arise to avoid the risk of fire or electrocution.

Emergency Appliance Repair Technician

Contact D&J Appliance Repair in South Florida for appliance repair services. Our team of experts can help you diagnose and repair the warning signs of a malfunctioning appliance. We are licensed and insured to ensure your repair is done correctly and safely. Call 954-709-7400

01 Feb
When Should You Schedule a Dishwasher Repair Service?
When Should You Schedule a Dishwasher Repair Service?

Several things can go wrong with your dishwasher. If you’re familiar with some of these common problems, it can be easier to determine when to schedule a dishwasher repair service.

Leaking Spray Arm

If you notice water leaking from the dishwasher’s spray arm base, it probably means that the hose connecting this component to your sink is either loose or disconnected. If you can stop up a nearby sink and determine that there’s no blockage in the hose, then an expert needs to come to your home.

Without enough water pressure or pull, this hose will not deliver adequate cleaning power to the dishwasher’s interior. When you set the machine up for its next run, you might notice that nothing happens when it should be spraying out soapy water onto dirty dishes.

Floating Door

The seal around the door helps protect the contents of your dishwasher from becoming wet. Without a seal that tightly hugs the door to your dishwasher, water can drip down into the machine’s interior.

When you notice this problem, it could mean that your door isn’t closing properly. If you happened to bump into the dishwasher when it was open, this could also cause the problem. Look for other signs like corrosion or rust on certain parts of your machine, and then take steps to fix the issue with an appliance repair technician before something breaks.

It Doesn’t Get Your Dishes Dry

The water needs to be at a certain level to trigger the machine’s drying process. If the water seems too moist or you notice pools inside your dishwasher after its cycle is complete, then this might be a sign that there’s something wrong with the water pump.

If you notice this problem, it could be due to one or more clogs in the machine’s drain hose. It might have been damaged from the excess pressure of a clogged filter.

Low Water Pressure

If your water doesn’t have enough force behind it to push the soap through the spray arms, then soapy residue will remain on the dishes after they’ve been through the wash cycle. You can fix this problem yourself by using a hose or bucket to add more pressure behind the water coming out of your faucet until it’s at an acceptable level.

If you notice this issue with your dishwasher, you might not be able to solve the problem yourself. You might need a dishwasher repair expert to come and install an additional pressure-boosting device on your home’s water line.

Call D&J Appliance Repair When Your Dishwasher Needs Proper Attention!

When you notice these problems with your dishwasher, it’s time to call a repair expert. The technicians working for D & J Appliance Repair have the skills and training needed to replace or fix any component of your dishwasher. When you hire us for our services, we guarantee a speedy response. Call 954-709-7400

21 Dec
Six Signs That Indicate Your Refrigerator Needs Service
Six Signs That Indicate Your Refrigerator Needs Service

A well-functioning refrigerator is an integral part of any kitchen. It keeps your food fresh, quenches your thirst, and provides peace of mind. But like any appliance, your fridge is susceptible to wear and tear. Over time, it may develop problems that require professional servicing.

Explained below are six key signs that suggest your refrigerator needs a service:

1) The fridge is making unusual noises

If your fridge starts making strange gurgling or humming sounds, it could indicate that the compressor or evaporator fan motor is not working correctly. These noises usually indicate that your fridge works harder than usual to maintain the internal temperature, leading to outrageous energy consumption and utility bills.

2) The fridge is not cooling properly

One of the most prevalent indications that your fridge needs a service is when it stops cooling correctly. If your fridge is not set to the right temperature or takes longer than usual to cool down, it could be due for servicing.

3) The fridge is leaking water

If you notice water pooling around your fridge, or if the freezer is starting to accumulate frost, the door seal is probably damaged, or the defrost drain is blocked. Either of these problems can cause your fridge to leak water, leading to further damage and decreased efficiency.

4) The fridge has a smell

Spoilt food could be the reason why your fridge smells terrible. However, if the smell persists even after you have cleaned out the fridge, then it could be a sign of a severe problem. Find out if the fridge is still cooling correctly and if the smell comes from the freezer. If so, it may be that the evaporator coils are frosted over and must be defrosted. In any case, it is best to approach a professional refrigerator repair and service company.

5) Excessive condensation

If you notice excessive condensation on the outside of your fridge, or if the inside is damp, you may face a problem with the door seal. Damage to the door seal can cause air to leak into the fridge, which will cause condensation. A damaged door seal can also lead to increased energy consumption as your fridge will have to work harder in order to maintain the right internal temperature.

6) The fridge is not level

When you realize that your fridge is not level, it could be that the leveling legs are damaged or missing. This can cause the fridge to vibrate, increasing noise levels and decreasing efficiency. If you notice any of these signs, it is best to call a professional appliance service company to have your fridge serviced.

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